Welcome to the home page of OpenPecs (Open Professional EDI Claims System); OpenPecs is a Free Open Source version of an 837P ANSI X12 5010 version of an EDI 837P, Translator and Claims Management System. OpenPecs is available for download from Source Forge in three separate versions Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, complete with an Installation guide. A full PECS demo can be viewed by clicking the Demo Tab above. The demo modules of PECS are subdivided, so you can only look at the sections that interest you.

Version ANSI X12 5010 837P can be found at Sourceforge

OpenPecs is a HIPAA-compliant EDI claims complete with advanced features in some of the more expensive EDI claims management systems.
Book to help you learn all about the 837 Professional EDI Claims File (837P)

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA or 835) Processor

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), or EOB or 835, is a lite version of the ERA(835) processor. Converts an ERA from an EDI 835 file into a readable text file. The latest “Lite” ERA version can be found at Sourceforge.

Online Electronic Remittance Advice(ERA)  with a complete demo can be found here. Host your ERA online.

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